Uses of Data Visualization Software in the data driven world

October 8, 2020 By 0 Comments

First off, what is data visualization? It is the process where raw data are converted into visual representation in the form of charts, graphical designs, picture and video giving meaning and in-depth information from the otherwise big data that is complex and difficult to understand.  And data visualization software is the tool that materializes the action of converting data into information. The software allows us to see, understand and analyze the trends, outliers and patterns embedded in the layers of data.

We are citizens of digital era, our daily lives have been made easy by the use of modern technologies and devices. Our day to day activities have become data. The amount of time we spend on the internet, our phones, our social media activities all accounts for the massive increase in generating of data. Data has become the world’s most valuable resource and has dominated our life that we call our time as the age of big data. Business giants and professionals are battling out there making their strides in optimizing their performance, profit and growth and in this data-driven world where competition is at its high data visualization software has become a critical tool.

When we talk of certain social issues like poverty, violence, crime etc. we talk about data. Taking the recent most example of Covid19, we are presented daily with global data on our phone, computer, TV screen. Now the bulky data collected from across the world would have been complicated and boring statistical information had it not been for the colourful graphical representation or that it would have been a difficult task for the concern authority to reproduce the huge data into actionable insights had it not been for data visualization software. Even an ordinary person gets it and follows the trend represented by the graph.

Data visualization software is a key tool in this data-driven world. An ideal visualization is storytelling and effective communicating of insights. Its role and uses today spans across almost every field and profession and not confined alone for those in the field of business analyst or data scientist. Government agencies, health and education sector, finance and economic sector, manufacturing and service industries, sports, consumer goods so on are all benefitting from this tool and have become inevitable in their functioning.

Uses of Data Visualization Software

With Data visualization becoming a growing trend let us go further and see the importance and uses of it and how it works.

  • Quick and clear insight of the data: With its visual and simplified information, data visualization provides quick and effective communication of the ideas embedded in the data. The huge datasets are effectively converted into understandable insight in a coherent manner which helps in problem solving efficiently within short period of time for instance enabling those in business pointing out their customers’ behaviour, areas requiring improvement and attention etc.
  • Quick and efficient decision making: the ability to imbibe information quickly from the data through visual information provides improved insights and enables making faster decisions. As the trends are easily absorbed from the graphical presentation decision making becomes easier and quicker. 
  • Identify patterns and relationships: The visual representation provides for easy identifying of patterns, outliers and relationship. This helps in solving problems and increase understanding of future steps required to improve organization.
  • No need for Data Scientist: with data visualization software, organization can easily access their data and understand their without having the need for a data scientist to reproduce and extract information from their data. Self-service software helps organizations to handle their data and perform their analytics without relying on data scientist.
  • Sharing of Insights: Data visualization software is a medium through which stories and ideas are created and new insights are developed from the analytics and through this medium organizations can share the insights to everyone involved as well as engage others.

The software captures, analyzes and report on key performance then the captured data is represented in visual format. The software depends on the input data provided. Some software provides display recommendation automatically on the basis of the data provided. Most softwares are capable of connecting with multiple data sources for instance relational databases. Data may be stored on premises or on cloud which is retrievable for analysis.

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