Repercussions of Social Media on Kids

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Social media is one of the major controversial topics that everyone deems fit to bounce opinions on. Indeed, social media is a great tool to drive your business and in fact brand your personal identity. It’s a matter of fact that any person or business without social media presence is just like a half cooked recipe. The entire world is going gaga over the capabilities of social presence but its outreaching popularity has, unfortunately, touched the deepest circumference of human tendency. ‘We are all dependent on social media’. Yes, that’s true! But just for a second, let’s rewind back to our old days and recall our childhood. When we used to run across the street to determine the champion runner amongst us. And not to forget, those stickers and cards, our most prized possession that was actually a proof of our superiority. All those memories laid off when we entered the world of social media— seemingly fascinating world!

social media

Social Media today

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity– Albert Einstein

Now observe people and especially, children around you. You will find that one in every three children is a social media bee. Although we do not understand the fundamental danger behind this but we do feel uneasy watching children holding phones in their hands and their eyes glued on screen as if trying to find a needle in haystack. Now, social media can definitely be a character building exercise where children can learn and grow in their respective fields, but does it always payback so easy and nice at such a tender age? That’s a question you should be asking yourself before handing over an iPhone to your kids.

In recent years, social media has gathered enough evidence justifying its resilience towards illegitimate instances. This has raised a question on whether this dynamic platform is even safe for those who have grown beyond their age with digital support. Various investigations have been conducted to determine the possible answer for this question and most of them succeeded at settling the answer to ‘no’. However, those experiments also indicated the ignorant and negligent parental behaviour to be one of the factors responsible for this issue. Even if the parental behaviour was not to be blamed, the kids themselves made it a shot. Either way, this issue turns disastrous for the kids, and they end up stuck in an unavoidable situation.

Kids today have gone far beyond the limit and have indulged into imitating what they perceive out of these media platforms. A sudden overexcitement rushes through them the moment they step into digital world. They tend to penetrate deeper spiralling across their “dream come true” fictions and end up hanging on the losing end. They find social media as a one way portal to their fantasy world which, unfortunately, does not conclude very strongly for themselves.


Social media is cracking up open numerous possibilities for innovation, branding, promotion and much more. It is an ever-evolving phenomenon that people can barely resist. Today, we are all connected to these media platforms one way or the other for good. But it might also turn into something unexpected if handled carelessly. Kids are innovative and can play through without much consent. Therefore, it is important to be cautious while introducing kids to social media. Or rather question ourselves to whether or not should we ban such a vastly potential platform for kids. Definitely, a food for thought!

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