How To Use Query Builder To Do Analysis In Visualr?

November 20, 2017 By 0 Comments

In the process of designing a dashboard for carrying out data visualization through Visualr, a query needs to be built through a section named Query Builder for generating formulas & creating reports thereafter.

Basic Steps In Building Queries Through Query Builder

In order to generate reports and charts, you need to use Query Builder to create a data model from the data you have uploaded or linked through an appropriate Data Provider. You may formulate query on the basis of one or more data tables or the fields of your choice selected from any data table. Alternatively, you can also create user-defined columns by using the ‘Insert formula field’ feature. For the Query Builder to run properly, there needs to exist at least one set of data saved through any Data Provider.




For doing that, first enter any alphanumeric name for the new query, select the Data Provider of your choice from the options available in the drop-down menu, select the Data Source from the next drop-down menu and from among the tables that are available to you as shown in the drop-down, select the one or more tables or views that you require to create your desired data models.




After doing this, click the ‘Next’ button, and a number of columns denoting different data sets appear that may be used to build the desired query on the screen. You need to check the boxes against the required field names, which will be denoted as columns in the Query Builder dataset, and then click at the ‘View Data’ button to have a glance upon the visual representation of the selected fields.




In the next step, you need to generate a formula of your choice. For doing that, click at the ‘Save’ button and click upon the “Insert formula field” button to create customized calculated metrics for your reporting purposes. You may use the String, Mathematical, Conditional and Date-Time functions for generating a formula. The formula must be assigned an appropriate name and saved for further use. If the need be, you may verify the validity of the formula by clicking upon the ‘Validate Formula’ button, and it can also be viewed as a new column in the dataset by clicking upon the ‘View Data’ button. When you are satisfied with the formula and want to generate it, just click upon the ‘Create’ button, and then click at the ‘Save’ button. Your Query is ready now.  



Also, at certain times you intend to have a preview of data while building queries for visualization. If you wish to preview the data saved within Sheets inside the Query Builder section, you can do the same by clicking the ‘View Data’ button. It provides a quick preview of the data as follows:



On the whole, it may be concluded that in order to design insightful dashboards through Visualr, it is mandatory to generate formulas on the basis of which reports and charts may be created. And for doing so, Query Builder comes in handy to allow the users do so in a streamlined and convenient manner. After building queries, all they have to do is create reports and graphs, and design dashboards.

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