Public Sector Getting Smarter with Data Visualization & Analytics

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Introduction to Public Sector

The public sector can be defined as the part of the economy concerned with providing various governmental services.

public sector

Every government organization in this world inevitably creates large volumes of data. Data Visualization & Analytics thus provides plenty opportunities for governments to save a lot of public money. Industry estimates say that the UK government alone could save up to £33 billion a year by using public Data Visualization & Analytics more effectively.

How Data Visualization & Analytics Help?

An industry research firm finds the potential annual value to Europe’s public sector emanating from Data Visualization & Analytics to be 250 billion euro. There are a lot of different use cases available to the public sector, ranging from reducing tax fraud, to improve services for citizens.

Transparency within governments can be improved as well as time and money required by government officials and citizens to comply with tax regulations can be reduced. A lot of government tax agencies store personal data, which is copied all over the public sector. Over and over again, citizens have to complete new forms with information most governments already have. Pre-filling forms reduce errors and speed up process time.

When all data is stored in one central location, Data Visualization & Analytics solutions will make it possible to give government officials access to all information from a centralized location, thereby reducing errors and inefficiencies within the government and ensuring that the correct information is used. This will enable government officials to have access to the most up-to-date information on their citizens.

Governments that process their massive datasets with proper Data Visualization & Analytics tools and techniques, stimulate the free-flowing of information, contribute to the transparency and build trust with their citizens. It will empower citizens to understand the data generated and gathered by governments and what they do with that information. Sharing such data sets will also help governments develop new and innovative services, as entrepreneurial citizens will help build those solutions. The transparency will enable citizens to monitor and understand the effect of how governments spend public money and it will force governments to spend public money wisely.

Visualization also for intelligent travel

Another big money saver is that with Data Visualization & Analytics governments can obtain a complete overview of which government officials have traveled to where for what purpose and when and with whom. An intelligent travel and expense management system, powered by Data Visualization & Analytics technologies, could enable officials that want to book a travel to understand whether or not travel is really required, in order to prevent sending too many people to the same place.

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