Product Life – How Long, How Short.

May 14, 2015 By

The whole universe is organic, humans too, and so is every product that is designed by them. By being organic, then simple meaning intended here is that all products are set to have a life span. But then the question might arise, what about plastics? Well, the more direct approach taken here is the usability of the product.

The one basic reason why any product is designed is because there arises a need for that product’s existence. The requirement is the prime motivator to the product being envisioned in the first place. The famishment or lack thereof, of any technology needed to make humanity’s work easy is the principle inducement behind a product’s development.

But all products have a certain life. A product is born once it is visioned. Once visioned, the product is drafted and then comes the phase of research and development. But many a times, it so happens that the product might not have been planned with the clarity and precision needed. This leads in hassles during its development.

This phase is very critical for many products. Any object is made only out of necessity. But when the very completion of the object takes too long is when the products losses its value. This happens when the said product is no longer needed. Once the need is killed, the products too becomes obsolete.

Their can be no greater unfortunate moment than when the products losses its relevance while development only. What if the new pen holder is no longer needed simply because the pens are no longer a need to mankind. All the time, effort and money invested in designing the pen holder become null. This means heavy losses and great de-motivation for the visionaries of that pen stand and makers.

Therefore, it becomes very important to have a futuristic eye. Not being able to understand and foretell the market tides results in big scale failures, sometimes the brunt of which can not be handled.

Also, it is almost mandatory to be speedy and at par with the actual production process. A prototype shouldn’t take so much time that the product losses its appositeness and the makers their credibility.

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