How to maximize power of data visualization through integrating Google Analytics and Visualr?

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How Google Analytics is beneficial for small businesses?

Google, the search engine giant has been rapidly diversifying itself into ventures that are diametrically different from each other. Apart from making its foray into video sharing with YouTube, social media networking with Google Plus and online advertising with Google Ads, a major breakthrough the company made in the area of web analytics was with its tool named Google Analytics over a decade back. With time, the tool had now evolved and matured to become one of the most sought-after analytics tools being banked upon by enterprises of all sizes and natures across the globe today, and small businesses are no exception to that.

Maximizing potential of data visualization through google analytics

While a huge number of small and medium enterprises or SMEs are using Google Analytics to gain useful business insights pertaining to their professional activities, still most of them are not being able to make the best put it in absence of capable Data Visualization. As a matter of fact, the real potential of Google Analytics may only be leveraged with the help of a cutting-edge Data Visualization solution such as Visualr, as it graphically explains the intricate observations and complex inferences that Google Analytics offers the web presence of a small enterprise. It makes the business insights easy to be understood by everybody related to the organization and paves way for actionable decisions to be made.

How to integrate Google Analytics and Visualr

Integrating a Google Analytics account with Visualr is a pretty easy and straightforward process. Visualr can seamlessly fetch the stored data from Google Analytics web API’s. Google provides a definite set of measures and dimensions, and you just need to provide the specific Google ID and a secret key file that can be obtained from the Google Analytics website.
A maximum often dimensions and seven measures are allowed to be assigned for data visualization in a single Visualr report at the moment.If you want to use other dimensions and measures beyond this limit, you have to add the same Data Provider with a different name, and a different set of dimensions and measures. Please note that in order to integrate Google Analytics with Visualr, you first need to create a Service Account for accessing Google APIs by logging into the Google Developer Console, enabling Analytics API and creating a private key. Further, you are required to grant access to the service account within the Google Analytics Account. For doing the same, login to the account and grant the Edit, Collaborate, Read & Analyze permission to the Service Account ID.
And finally, you need to login to your Visualr control panel, enter the Data API section within the Data Provider and add Google Analytics to create a new Visualr dataset for generating queries, building reports and charts and designing dashboards to carry out your desired Data Visualization.


On the whole, it can be concluded that although Google Analytics is one of the most powerful means to get a deep and sound understanding about the online presence and performance of a brand or enterprise, it is imperative to be noted that the desired results may not be achieved without an efficient Data Visualization carried upon the data offered by the same. Therefore, it is of high importance that the SMEs adopt a robust and efficient Data Visualization Solution such as Visualr to get the best out of their online data, and arrives at the best business decisions based upon them.

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