Can Healthcare Benefit from Visualization?

May 25, 2016 By 0 Comments

Over the past century, medical healthcare system has witnessed a dynamic shift from mere manual based process to automated digitization. Several big and small companies have induced digitization at their base line to boost the quality of healthcare delivery. Driven by this phenomenon, the industry has transformed itself into a massive giant accomplishing the mandatory requirements and further igniting its potential to refine the deliverables at minimal costs. While this transformation indeed brought about a revolution in healthcare industry, it also invited the generation of hordes of data.

Now, it a widely known fact that these massive data hold a number of capabilities, if processed and executed appropriately. In the health & care industry, these data are a reliable prospect for supporting a wide range of medical and healthcare functions, including others clinical decision support, disease surveillance, and population health management. Reports suggest that in 2011, data from the U.S. healthcare system alone reached 150 exabytes. Now that’s quite a high amount, isn’t it? Therefore, considering the amount of data generated in the industry around the globe, it is likely to go beyond our countable limit.

These data are the key to optimizing the potential of healthcare industry not just from the industry perspective but also from the consumer perspective. The exertion that goes beyond processing this data is the ultimate game changer. It is a huge opportunity for data scientists to further improve the healthcare standards, given the overwhelming amount of data being generated and stored. As we all know that visualization is not a new topic, it adds to the utmost importance list for the healthcare industry. Data visualization cannot just help the industry to discover associations and understand the hidden trends and patterns, but also contributes hugely towards improving the care facilities, saving lives and lowering costs. The application of data visualization in healthcare take advantage of the explosion in data to extract insights for making better informed decisions.

The capability for data visualization and analytics in healthcare justifies to the extent of rendering best possible outcomes across many scenarios. Potential benefits of data visualization include the detection of diseases at earlier stages when they can be treated more easily and effectively; supervising individual or population health and detecting health care fraudulences more quickly and efficiently. Numerous problems can be addressed merely through data visualization. Certain developments can be predicted based on the historical data stock.

There are a lot more possibilities that data visualization can unlock for the healthcare industry. Data visualization in itself is a vast topic and it is just for the industry to realize its potential and go beyond digitization and embrace more than typical.

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