What’s New in Visualr Server 2.3?

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Visualr Introduction

Visualr is a cutting data visualization tool that allows companies to see through their data and gain useful insights that might be of great help to them in realizing the status, issues and demands of their business in a better way. It makes it pretty simple for enterprises to observe and analyze the trends, correlations and patterns that could have not been conveniently possible in text-based presentations.

The latest version of the solution, Visualr Server 2.3 adds a slew of useful features into its list of offerings and provides various new advantages and benefits to make the process of data visualization actually work for companies of all sizes in a productive and business friendly manner. Let’s have a brief look upon them.

1. RSS Feeds

With the help of ‘RSS Feeds’ object, latest news stories or articles or real time data can be displayed upon the Dashboard. It provides you with two ways to do so.

First one is ‘RSS News Feeds’. It pulls the latest news stories or articles from a pre-designated RSS feeds URL, and displays them within the Dashboard Tab of your choice.

Second option is the Google Hot Trends. It retrieves the real time data from the Google servers, and displays the latest Google Hot Trends inside the Dashboard Tab.

2. Custom Report Builder

With the help of ‘Custom Report Builder’ option, you may directly edit the HTML code of a report, in order to suit your own choices in terms of layout, formatting and content of a report, graph or chart.

3. Export to MS Excel & CSV format

Apart from PDF, PNG and SVG formats, now you can also export your dashboards to MS Excel and CSV file formats from Visualr Server 2.3.

4. Inserting MS Excel Data to MS SQL Data Base

If you want to overcome the limitations of an MS Excel database, you may also insert the data of a locally stored or server hosted MS Excel file into a yet another MS SQL database right from within Visualr, using the ‘Insert to Database’ feature.

In case the file is hosted online, you may locate the file from server location and synchronization will take place after a pre-designated time interval, pertaining to auto update of the report.

5. Dashboard Templates

If you wish to experiment with the visual formatting, layout and design of the dashboard, you may select any ‘Template’ of your choice and modify it further too, as per your preferences.
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