How Are Online Data Visualization Tools Giving HR Metrics A Makeover

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The statement that visual information leaves a much greater impact upon the human memory and understanding than any other form is a well established fact since ages. And the world of business would not prefer to leave any stone unturned in leveraging this scientific fact to its benefit. As a matter of fact, the evolution of business dashboards was a natural development when the science of visual elements was combined with the mathematical information and inferences to arrive at better business decisions.

And quite obviously, a range of dashboard software solutions gradually began to arrive in the market with an aim to make things easier for every department of a business enterprise. Human Resource, or HR, was simply no exception to this. Being one of the most important departments behind the successful operation of a company, the HR team consistently needs to observe, analyze and evaluate the overall employee performance on the basis of a number of metrics, and this is where BI dashboard tools enter the scenario to help them on their job. A number of free tools for business intelligence are already available in the market to assist HR teams in having a clearer picture about the aggregate employee data; yet for an incisive and in-depth analysis, only a business software or analysis software solution can fulfill the purpose. Power BI by Microsoft, a robust Tableau alternative, is indeed an apt example.


Why HR managers need a Visualization tool?

Business dashboards can help an HR manager in many ways for carrying out its operations in a smarter and enhanced manner. For instance, usually the HR executives prefer to rely solely upon MS Excel’s default templates for creating charts and graphs, but as a matter of fact, the final display ends up looking very lazy, and the data tends to appear very dull. If those executives use a dashboard software tool for creating the same charts and graphs, the visual inferences are not only stunning but breathtakingly more concise, clear and easy to understand as well. End result? The deployment of a simple analysis software helps a great deal in making the things convenient to comprehend for the senior management, and take pertinent business decisions accordingly.


Paid tool vs. Free tool

Similarly, more often than not, professional tools for business intelligence are equipped with some extra or special features that have been deliberately and thoughtfully incorporated, keeping business needs of enterprises’ into the mind. And expecting this sharp and dedicated approach from free tools for business intelligence may be said to be neither wise nor justifiable. After all, a business tool has got to be different from a free tool!

Just to name a few advanced features that are offered by paid BI dashboard tools:

  • They enable you to share your business dashboards with your colleagues, partners or clients;
  • They provide you with enhanced levels of customization and flexibility while designing your business dashboards;
  • They also allow you to display your datasets utilizing a wide range of charts and graphs, something that strikingly lacks in free tools for business intelligence.


In a nutshell, the role of online data visualization tools in providing a cutting edge to the HR professionals of today can neither be ignored nor undermined. Because when it comes to creating business dashboards for better human resource management, only the reliable, scalable and robust bi dashboard tools may be banked upon with confidence.

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