[Infographic] Visualr 2.4 – Make The Best Out Of Your Data

July 28, 2017 By 0 Comments


make the best out of your data - infographic


If you’re inundated with data clutter and intend to make a clear visual business sense out of it through smart dashboards & charts, Visualr is there to help you out. It allows you to integrate various data sources including MS Excel worksheets, and generate queries using the formulae you have developed. You can apply static and dynamic filters to sift through your datasets and apply a wide range of controls to maneuver through them. The queries created are independent and may be used across multiple dashboards to streamline the operations.

Visualr enables a lightning fast data processing by allowing you to save and implement stored procedures for the operations reiterated frequently. You can design customized layouts for generating personalized reports, and enhance their visual theme adding your own bit of creativity. The geospatial dashboards may be amplified with azimuth, rendering an extra layer of interactivity to them.

You can easily share your Visualr dashboards with your colleagues, senior executives, business managers, and even clients or investors. Designating unique data views pertaining to different users or user groups, you can provide them with exactly the insights that will be most appropriate and vital to them.

With the new Visular 2.4, you can securely share your database credentials along with your team members, carry out platform specific queries using a single interface, and take a deep tour into your datasets using the data drill down-and-across features. And at last but not the least, you’re able to access comprehensive report information right through a single click of your mouse.

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