Data Visualization Empowers the Power Sector Considerably

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The world today that is witnessing ever growing demand of energy in almost every sector, and optimizing the supply and consumption of energy in an efficient manner becomes the order of the day. In order to streamline this process and turn their operations smarter, enterprises in the power sector across the globe are turning towards harnessing the potential of data visualization.

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Visualizing Power

With the help of data visualization and analytics, power companies can unlock the promise of big data, bringing to light new analytic insights at all stages of the industry value. At the same time, while data visualization and analytics considerably improves performance for better business outcomes in the energy industry, challenges such as poor data quality and integration, fragmented use of analytics and patchy ownership of data across processes have created a ‘missing middle’ for energy companies.

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Data visualization and analytics can be a core catalyst to achieving high performance in the energy industry – but it takes pragmatic action to become analytically empowered. Achieving measurable and actionable ‘Return or Investments’ (RoI) in the power sector for a company amounts to a path to seeing value in massive and diverse data, adopting an end-to-end process view to yield better insights; and making the cultural shift to become an insight-driven enterprise.

As the energy sector is expanding rapidly day by day, it’s imperative to achieve high performance that useful insights are gained from data that can enable organizations to make better decisions at the right time.


Apart from power generation and distribution plants, oil and gas companies have now begun using data visualization and analytics to power their businesses for improved outcomes. Data visualization and analytics can also be used to improve exploration and drilling down the data sets for acquiring a better understanding of the overall business status.

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Similarly, downstream businesses leverage the power of data visualization and analytics to gain incisive insights into logistics and supply chain, marketing and trading. It helps better manage their operations end to end, from the demand side to commercial channels.

Power enterprises going for data visualization and analytics must focus upon a few aspects. They need to adopt a strategic approach, with a clear value-led data road-map in place that aims at harnessing powerful data-sets with advanced analytics platforms and technologies. A strong array of visualization tools and solution assets adds to the technical infrastructure. Finally, it really helps to industrialize the overall data visualization and analytics processes, leveraging automation technologies that continuously improve the data-driven insights being offered by the solution.

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