How is Data Visualization & Analytics Empowering BPO sector?

March 23, 2017 By 0 Comments

With the advent of cutting edge tools and techniques for effective Data Visualization, more and more ITES & BPO sector, service providers are coming to realize the value of being able to mine out useful information from the huge volumes of transactional data they handle every day. In the long run, the quality of services provided by an ITES & BPO sector company can be greatly differentiated using predictive analysis.

ITES & BPO companies and their clients are sitting on gold mines of data which can be extracted and analyzed to deliver critical information and generate strategic insights. The changing dynamics of the digital platform has a direct impact on businesses. The emergence of disruptive technologies has led most companies to rethink and act upon their digital strategies. The rise of Social Media, Analytics, and Cloud- collectively called SMAC – has made it imperative for companies to metamorphose and adapt to these changes in order to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Most companies are now leaving behind legacy business models and taking steps towards digital transformation by adopting SMAC or Data Visualization & Analytics in particular, in order to gain competitive advantage.

There has been much buzz around Data Visualization & Analytics and how it is helping companies enhance their business productivity and extend better services to their customers. Internet users leave digital footprints behind through their online activities and this leads to the generation of a huge amount of structured and unstructured data. According to studies, as much as 2.6 Exabyte of data is generated every day around the world and about 90% of the data in the world today has been generated in the past two years. Mining and analysis of this data can provide invaluable insights that can help companies, especially those in the ITES & BPO sector, offer better services to their clients.

ITES & BPO companies and their clients are sitting on gold mines of data, which can be extracted and analyzed to deliver critical information. The advantage that Data Visualization offers is that of predictive analysis. More and more companies are now relying on predictive analysis than reactive analysis to make business more productive and offer better customer service. With the gold rush that disruptive technologies have created, businesses are finding it strategically more advantageous to take a proactive approach in handling problems and discovering opportunities.

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