How To Create Dashboards And Analyze Data Using Visualr?

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Importance Of Data Visualization

The digital world of today is being primarily run by the power of data, and a huge amount of data don’t make any sense to the business world unless and until it is analyzed well to gain real and effective helpful insights. Raw data, in simplest forms, is nothing but a collection of text, numbers or tables to the maximum, which makes it very difficult for laymen and even business analysts to arrive at any logical conclusion. And this is where the process of Data Visualization comes in, to provide a visual representation of the data to enterprises, managers, investors, clients and other sorts of business users, so that they may actually look into a business process and realize what needs to be done and exactly at which point, to streamline the things accordingly.


Creating Dashboards in Visualr

Visualr is a cutting-edge solution that enables business users of all levels to create and design dashboards that are both meaningful and beautiful at the same time. While there are many steps necessary to be taken before designing a dashboard such as data upload, data sorting, query building, formula generation etc., the final tool used for designing dashboard through Visualr is known as the Dashboard Designer.

creating dashboard

With the help of this tool, you are able to assemble all the reports created by the Report Builder tool in a meaningful way to perform further analysis. It also allows you to add images, logos, text and apply an array of filters upon the reports while designing the dashboard.

For designing a dashboard through Dashboard Designer, first of all, you need to assign any specific name to the dashboard, which helps you in recognizing and remembering the chart This name could be any alphanumeric term and will appear in the dashboard drop-down menu.

After this, you need to use a drop-down menu denoted by the text ‘[Please select role]’. It helps you in determining the capacity in which you’re creating the new dashboard. Finally, there is a yet another drop-down menu denoted by the text [Please select user]. Selecting the name of any user who uses Visualr in your network, you can specify the person with whom you want to share your dashboard. It could be your colleague, your senior executive or even a client.

enter dashboard details

There is a ‘Tools’ menu provided in the Dashboard Designer, which comprises of three sub-menus, named ‘RSS Feed’, ‘Shapes’ and ‘Images’.

enter dashboard details 2


Similarly, for adding various geometrical shapes to your dashboard, you can use the ‘Shapes’ sub-menu. By simply dragging and dropping any of these images, you can add them to your dashboard.

User Images

Through this tool, you can drag the images of your choice that have already been uploaded to the application memory by you, and drop them to your dashboard designer page as the background image. The new images can be uploaded through the application configuration section.

user images


Multi Tab

Most of the business dashboards are complex and multi-faceted. For displaying such information, you need to design multi-tab dashboards, and Visular has a functionality that enables you do that easily by adding many tabs to a single dashboard, so that multiple dashboards may be displayed within dashboards, within various tabs. Using various filters, the data to be displayed in these dashboards may be further selected.



Dashboard List

On the extreme right exists the button for exploring the entire dashboard list that specifies all the dashboards available to be displayed by the user within Visualr. Clicking on the dashboard names, the user may view different dashboards; while clicking on the ‘Edit’ or ‘Delete’ button allows him to modify or remove any dashboard from the Visualr repository.


excel column chart


Pan & Zoom Functionality In Charts

Many a time the business users might wish to have a closer look at the dashboard. To help them in that case, Visualr provides a Zoom functionality that allows you to drill into the data points to achieve a clear look into the insights. While zooming in or out, you can pan or drag the screen towards the left or right in order to view the next data point.


pan and zoom functionality

Export Options

The business dashboards need to be shared with many important people, and not all of them have Visualr installed upon their systems. To help you in such a situation, Visualr provides you with a number of export options for exporting the dashboards of your choice to various file formats and platforms. Every dashboard page features a ‘Download Icon’ near the top-right corner, clicking upon which allows you to export the dashboard in PDF, PNG, SVG, Excel or CSV file format. All the exported files get saved bearing the name of the dashboards pertaining to them in the ‘Downloads’ folder of the system by default. The date & time of creation of every file that is exported by Visualr is displayed near its left-bottom corner.



Visualr Cube

At times, you need the entire dashboard to be shared with your colleagues, senior executives and clients, and not just a snapshot of the same. In such a circumstance, a smart add-on available with the Visualr known as Visualr Cube unleashes the endless possibilities for you to establish a smooth and swift connectivity. With the help of this beautiful tool, you could exchange dashboards, share information and collaborate efforts among each other to gain better insights into your business in a collective manner. Just enter your Visualr Username and Password in the text fields provided, and you are ready to share your dashboards through Visualr Cube.



On the whole, it may be concluded that dashboards are the most feasible modes of visualization and exchange of meaningful business information with many parties at the same time. And a Data Visualization tool like Visualr makes the process very convenient, simple and straightforward for even a non-technical person, through an array of useful tools and a quick and streamlined work through.

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