Channelizing Projects & Consecutive Communications

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Managing simultaneous projects might not be so easy but an intelligent thinking can definitely save you and your business. Project Dashboards to the rescue!

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In today’s busy world, changes happen in an instant. Every second counts. Every project controller or manager needs to know how the projects that they are responsible for, doing. But again, reading through tons of data is an arduous task.

Your Project seems to be on time and with the right amount of budget but can you be sure of it? Even maybe all of your developers and engineers are working day in and day out, overtime, to ensure that every bug has been sprayed and killed. So how would you check what this overtime has done to the budget?

Time and money are the crucial points to keep in mind for successful business. From the dilemma of “time against information” came the idea of Dashboards for project. Just like a car’s dashboard provides an up-to-date information about the speed, amount of gas, engine temperature, seat belt, etc. a Project Dashboard provides conversant real time information about the project status. If it sounds complicated, then just think about the three signals, red, yellow and green. This the most common and easily used approach to using Project dashboards. The red, yellow or green symbols identify whether the work being measured is in good shape (green), requires attention (yellow), or is critical condition (red).

Going through the pages of multiple reports to determine whether the required departments have completed the assignment, and checking the amount of work done, and the budget, etc. take up most of your time. But with Project Dashboards, become “yoda” seeing and sensing all. For example, the production department required widgets, so instead of rummaging through several reports to check whether the production department received the widgets it needed, and got permission to hire its new employees.project Dashboard (3)

The project dashboard shows the widgets had arrived but a decision on staffing was pending. (Materials gauge was in the optimum zone and that the Human Resources gauge was registering in the warning zone).


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Dashboards are simple, but yet may be complicated. One should always remember that the end product is only good as the inputs. And like mentioned before, every second counts, so any information older than a few minutes ago can be considered as old. With project dashboards, one can keep track and in-depth look at the projects, hassle free. And the best of all, is that, the customizable feature, allows you to create individual dashboards for each factor.

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