5 Best Data Visualization Tools

September 3, 2020 By 0 Comments

In today’s world of digital race, usage of data has changed radically and has amplified to the extent that data have become significantly abundant. The traditional method of spreadsheet has become redundant and boring in the face of huge and unstructured data sets thereby becoming difficult to solve the issues of data glut and information overload. And that’s where data visualization becomes critical.


Data visualization is the process of presenting raw data into graphical or visual format to help understand and gain insights of the patterns from the sea of information embedded in layers of data. Today we are capable of developing and employing numerous visual strategies and simplify complex data sets.  Data visualization tools provide us the technique to see patterns, connections and methods to create information into good designs that is pleasing to the eyes, stimulating to the brain, making more sense and workable of the complex data sets resulting in quick decision making and effective solution.


Visualr is one such data visualization platform that helps users to convert raw datas into insights in the form of interactive dashboards and analytical reports. Thriving on its philosophy “Data for all” Visualr is a single platform for multidimensional users and boasts of the following features:

  • Static and Dynamic filters
  • Custom reports for custom Layouts
  • User-specific data views
  • Vast range of controls
  • Design dashboard for multiple medium
  • Single Query, Multiple Dashboards
  • Stored Procedure for quick data processing
  • Auto-consolidate multiple Excel sheets
  • Share dashboards with Others Application
  • Amplify Maps with Azimuth

The platform provides self-service visualization enabling users to perform one’s own analytics without having much to rely on IT/MIS team in one’s organization. It performs instant analysis and yields data-driven decision making. It is majorly adopted for its simple, engaging and intuitive interface.

It is a highly interactive user interface and is easy to learn rendering no detailed class sessions and no cost training for any users to learn more as one uses.

Visualr supports structural database and Data APIs. There is only nominal operation cost and does not require App deployment. Payment is exclusively for creating and not sharing insights.

You cannot go wrong with your choice of Visualr with all its efficient features and the capabilities to process terabytes of data. It fulfills all the requisite criteria that make any data Visualization tool a more preferred choice. Starting from its availability to user-friendly to its suitability of big and small data, Visualr is one of the top tools for data visualization available at your disposal.

There are a few other data visualization tools that are equally efficient and worth considering while choosing visualization tools for your data.



Tableau is perhaps the biggest visualization tool available. Tableau is characterised by great visualization and capability to perform interactive report. It has vast range of users mostly for business intelligence and data science. Its quality and varied range of visualization provides for in-depth understanding of trends to its users. It is designed to be user friendly and simple to learn to use and can be used by those without coding skills. Tableau also boasts of the capabilities of real-time data analytics and cloud support.



Qlikview is yet another best visualization tool. It is one of the few tools that are suited for both big data and small data. It is an interactive visualization method allowing users for quick learning. It boasts of its One-of-a –kind feature of Associative analytic engine alongside high performance cloud platform and sophisticated AI all of which provides its users to make better decision daily and encourage to create  fully data-driven enterprise.


Power BI

Power BI is a Microsoft product which has great database and visualization. This platform focuses on bringing about a data-driven culture with business intelligence for all thus enabling everyone at every level in any organization by providing up-to-the-minute analytics. It encourages user to make confident decisions with its self-service analytics and smart tools that engages to share meaningful insights with hundred visualizations and built-in AI capabilities.



Sisense is another best visualization tool available. This platform equally believes in eventual growth of data-driven culture organization. It is also business intelligence based visualization tool and has friendly user interface. Users can obtain instant result also has the capability to analyze data in real-time. It has the feature of flexibility and allows for easy customization.


The above visualization tools are critical and a key to communicating data that has come about as a crucial part of modern life. Datas are useless unless they percolate down into actionable insights.