Sample Data Visualization Dashboards

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Sample Dashboards

Learn about Visualr through these sample Data Visualization Dashboards which are curated from Multiple Industrial Use Cases.

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Custom Report

This Project Management Dashboard is based on data collected by a project management team from different sources. This data needs to be represented in a custom layout.

FMCG Sales Dashboard

This dashboard is based on PAN India sales data of an FMCG Organization which gives an elaborated view of sales on different parameters like region, trade area, channel-wise sales, category wise sales and many more. The paramount KPIs shown in this dashboard are MoM Growth and Contribution in sales and Contribution to Growth.

HRMS Dashboard

This Dashboard is based on the Human Resource Deployment Data of an organization. Management can identify the resource allocation on different projects along with their remuneration, time period, gender and joining and leaving date.

Dashboard for a Clinic Chain

This Dashboard is based on the Data of Patients who visited in multiple branches of the Clinic.