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machine learning ebook
Introduction to Machine Learning

One of the most discussed terms across all the business sectors today is machine learning. But what is machine learning actually? Well, machine learning is…


ebook about data visualization
Data Visualization & Business Intelligence Evaluation Guide

BI is about providing the right data at the right time to the right people so that they can make the right decisions” – Nic Smith with Microsoft BI Solutions…


data visualization ebooks
Data Visualization & Business Intelligence Dynamics and Practices

The world has enormous data & utilization of datasets in distinctive ways is the utmost requirement to attain goals. Data visualization and Business intelligence…


KPI and analytics
KPI’s and its application in Data Visualization

Time is a precious commodity. A corporate that puts million on stake every day does not want its business decisions to be delayed or based on static information. With the…


raw data report
Data Visualization: The Core Element

Data Visualization is the buzzword for any and every business activity that actually matters these days. And that’s what makes it imperative for any serious business executive to learn a few ropes in its arts…