Case Studies

Visualr is adding value to multiple industries. Learn more with the Case Studies, E-Books and Whitepapers.

Power Sector

With an increase in demand in the power sector, the need to analyse data effectively has also seen considerable proliferation. Read on to know what are the key benefits of having this industry armed with Data Visualization.


Human Resource Sector

From hiring the best candidate to retaining the competent employees, Human Resource department aims to solve a lot of everyday issues at any organization. Read how data visualization helps in the task completion of HR dept.


Healthcare Industry

Treating the patients & combating chronic diseases is the primary functionality of healthcare. The support of Data Visualization is important to achieve the objective in the best way possible. Read for further know-how.


Manufacturing Industry

A manufacturing unit has the herculean task of providing the best engineered products. Read how Data Visualization techniques help the industry meet this challenge potently.


Voter’s Behaviour Analytics

In the biggest democracy globally, touching base with the voter sentiments is imperative. It is Data Visualization that helps in solving such conundrums.


Pharmacuetical Industry

For constant and innovative drug designing, pharmaceutical industry needs to have Data Visualization. Read how it is boosting the industry’s growth.